Sailing Education

Anyone in the Knoxville community can enjoy sailing and sailing-related activities at CYC. Programs are offered for both the general public and CYC club members.

Non club members can receive training through organized programs such as Summer Sail Camp (ages 8-15), the Adult Learn to Sail programs, and by participating in other sailing-related programs and classes offered throughout the year. In addition to these organized opportunities for members of the community to learn to sail, each week the University of Tennessee sailing team holds practice and the BSA Sea Scouts work to develop nautical, education and citizenship skills for boys and girls ages 13 to 21.

All programs are administered by Concord Sailing Center (CSC) under the direction of instructors who have met rigorous U.S. Sailing certification standards. CSC’s goal is to teach both children and adults how to sail, and provide opportunities to improve their skills. CSC relies heavily on the support of volunteers, whose dedication allows the programs to continue to grow each year.

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CSC programs for both CYC members and the community comprise the following fleets:


Measuring just under 8-feet in length, the “Opti” is the smallest sized boat class in the training fleet. Designed for training the youngest sailors on the basics of the sport, the Optimist also has the largest youth racing class in the world. For more information on the Optimist class see the official Optimist web site.


Quite possibly the world’s most recognizable small sailboat, the Sunfish has a rich history in providing great sailing to beginners and experts alike. The simple design and lateen (triangular) rig make it a mainstay to our training fleet. For more information on the Sunfish class see the official Sunfish web site.


This two-manned boat has the ability to catch a gentle lake breeze on the calmest of days or handle a strong, consistent breeze. The JY15 fleet is used by the UT Sailing Club and other youth programs for training and racing. For more information on the JY15 class see the official JY15 web site.

CLUB 420

Known commonly as the “420,” this fleet is used for advanced racing training throughout our youth and college programs. Having a high sail area-to-weight ratio, the 420 can also be outfitted with a spinnaker and trapeze for advanced 420 sailors. The 420 fleet is owned in part by the University of Tennessee and used by the UT Sailing Club for training and racing. For more information on the 420 class see the official Club 420 web site.


Measuring at just under 22-feet in length, this small keelboat provides the ultimate day-sailor experience. The two-sail design can be easily sailed by two or three beginning sailors or a single experienced sailor looking for a quiet evening on the water. The Adult Learn-to-Sail program at CYC uses the Catalina 22 fleet for training and certification. For more information on the Catalina 22 class see the official Catalina 22 web site.


CYC proudly hosts a number of other one-design fleets, including Thistles, Windmills, Solings, Lasers, and Holder20s among many others. Fleets like this allow members to race identical boats against each other, as well as against mixed fleets or simply for sharing notes on boat handling and tuning practices. CYC also offers a Club Sailing Fleet that allows members access to a number of boats for an affordable annual fee.