Community Sailing Programs

Anyone in the community can learn to sail and enjoy sailing-related activities at CYC by participating in programs offered through Concord Sailing Center (CSC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to sailing-related community outreach.

Community Education Programs at CYC:

Frequently Asked Questions
What classes of sailboats are used in CSC’s programs?

CSC programs include the following fleets:


Measuring just under 8-feet in length, the “Opti” is the smallest sized boat class in the training fleet. Designed for training the youngest sailors on the basics of the sport, the Optimist also has the largest youth racing class in the world. For more information on the Optimist class see the official Optimist website.


A modern design for a wet and wild ride, these are quickly becoming a favorite with our young single-handing sailors who want a different experience than the Opti. Local and national un-Regattas are a hallmark of the fleet. For more information on the O’Pen Skiff class see the official O’Pen Skiff web site.


This two-manned boat is the newest addition to CSC’s fleet, used in both sail camp and Adult Learn-to-Sail dinghy courses. The modern design provides a stable platform for new sailors in either single-handed or double-handed modes. For more info on the Fusion class see the official Fusion web site.

CLUB 420

Known commonly as the “420,” this fleet is used for advanced racing training throughout our youth and college programs. Having a high sail area-to-weight ratio, the 420 can also be outfitted with a spinnaker and trapeze for advanced sailors. The 420 fleet is owned in part by the University of Tennessee and used by the UT Sailing Club for training and racing. For more information on the 420 class see the official Club 420 web site.


Measuring at just under 22-feet in length, this small keelboat provides the ultimate day-sailor experience. The two-sail design can be easily sailed by two or three beginning sailors or a single experienced sailor looking for a quiet evening on the water. The Adult Learn-to-Sail program at CYC uses the Catalina 22 fleet for training and certification. For more information on the Catalina 22 class see the official Catalina 22 web site.


Are there prerequisites to participate in a CSC sailing programs?

For most programs, you must be able to swim 50 yards without a life jacket. A swimming test will be conducted either prior to the program or on the first day of class. See each program for additional details regarding program pre-requisites.

I loved my class! But I don’t own a boat. Can I still join CYC?

Yes! You do not have to own a boat to join CYC, which offers a Club Sailing Fleet that allows members access to a number of boats for an affordable annual fee. CYC proudly hosts a number of other one-design fleets, including Thistles, Lasers, and Holder20s and others. Fleets like this allow members to race identical boats against each other, as well as against mixed fleets or simply for community and sharing best practices on boat handling and tuning practices.

What is Concord Sailing Center (CSC?)?

Concord Sailing Center (CSC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1995 and operating out of Concord Yacht Club. CSC is dedicated to providing educational and community outreach activities that promote and cultivate recreation through sailing and sailing-related seamanship skills. CSC programs rely heavily on the support of CYC member volunteers, whose dedication has allowed the programs to thrive and grow their reach each year. CSC’s values include lifelong learning, appreciation for the outdoors, environmental stewardship, safety, and respect. Click here to learn more.