Concord Sailing Center (CSC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1995 and dedicated to providing educational outreach activities that promote sailing and sailing-related seamanship skills. CSC programs operate out of Concord Yacht Club, relying heavily on the support of CYC’s member volunteers, whose dedication has allowed CSC’s programs to thrive and grow their reach. Learn more about Concord Sailing Center below.


The mission of CSC is to provide community educational activities that promote and cultivate recreation through sailing and sailing-related seamanship skills. 


CSC hopes to inspire future generations in our community to seek adventure through sailing and cherish the natural beauty of our environment for years to come through programs that instill a love for sailing and respect for the outdoors.

  • Lifelong Learning. We value the pursuit of knowledge and continuous improvement. Our programs inspire a growth mindset and encourage the community to embrace new challenges, explore new perspectives, and push beyond their comfort zones.
  • Appreciation for the Outdoors. We recognize the beauty and importance of our waterways through sailing education programs that encourage the community to connect with nature, experience the thrill of the wind, and develop a sense of responsibility for the preservation of our planet. 
  • Environmental Stewardship. We value sustainable practices that reduce our community’s impact on the environment, protect our natural resources, and preserve our waterways for future generations. 
  • Safety. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of sailing in a safe, supportive environment. CSC programs strive to uphold the highest safety standards, promote safety awareness, and teach the skills needed to sail with confidence.
  • Respect. We honor the Corinthian Spirit, the essence of the sport of sailing that embodies principles of fair play, inclusion, and camaraderie. CSC seeks to extend this culture of kindness and empathy off the water, ultimately shaping a better, more positive community.
CSC Board of Directors
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