Want to sail all year? Join the Sea Scouts!

For over 100 years, Sea Scouting has promoted better citizenship and improved boating skills in water safety, outdoor, social, and service experiences, and broadening knowledge of maritime heritage.

Sea Scout units are called Ships, and Concord Yacht Club hosts Ship 300. Joining Ship 300 will provide opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, including adventure, personal growth, adventure, and long-lasting friendships.

Sea Scout Pillars

(adapted from seascout.org)

  • Seamanship. The best part of Sea Scouts is cruising and mastering the skills you learn with your shipmates. On board a vessel, you share hands-on experiences as helmsman and navigator, lookout and cook, sail handler and engineer. 
  • Scouting. Sea Scouts is youth-led and adult-mentored. You and your shipmates lead your Sea Scout program. Elected youth leaders plan and conduct the program and adult leaders guide and support your efforts as you learn important leadership and life skills. As you gain experience you will have the opportunity to contribute as a leader in your ship. Sea Scouts are recognized and rewarded for the things they learn and do. You can earn valuable certifications in SCUBA, boating safety, lifesaving, and CPR, as well as advance in rank from Apprentice to Quartermaster. Each certification and level of advancement marks your growth as a sailor and a leader. 
  • Service. Sea Scouts take service very seriously. Sea Scouts perform various kinds of service from service to their ship, to community service. They participate in service such as river or beach clean-up, food drives, and other programs to benefit youth. Sea Scouts also participate in flag ceremonies and serve as honor guards at various community events.
  • Social. Sea Scouts provides opportunities to share experiences with other young people who share common interests. As your ship participates in sailing regattas, rowing races, and other activities, you’ll learn and grow with your shipmates. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet Sea Scouts from other parts of your community, the nation, and even the world!

Learn More about the Sea Scouts

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Sea Scouts is open to all genders ages 14 to 21 (or age 13 if in the 8th grade).

Ship 300 currently meets on Sundays at 2:30 pm at CYC. Membership fees are very affordable (including a mandatory one-dollar premium for accident insurance). Interested? Reach out to join our group today.



Shawna Cox & Ann Zimmerman