UT Sailing

CYC-UTSC Memorandum of Agreement

Sharing the common goal of advancing the sport of sailing in our respective communities, the Concord Yacht Club of Knox County, Tennessee (CYC), and the Sailing Club of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTSC), agree to the following terms of their mutually supportive relationship:


UTSC holds a Special membership in CYC as provided for in the following paragraph of Section 1, Article V, of the CYC By-Laws: Special memberships are available to qualifying sailing organizations. These organizations will include but will not be limited to: (1) state chartered corporations established for education and sailing training and (2) official sailing organizations sponsored and regulated by a recognized educational institution. Acceptance of any organization into membership will be determined by the CYC Board. The CYC Board may restrict the number of members in any Special membership. Special memberships will be regulated by the CYC Board and may require a representative from the organization to serve on the Board. The use of club facilities, access to the property, work hour requirements, and dues and assessments will be determined and regulated by Board policy. Special memberships will not count in the total membership limit.

Number of UTSC Members

No restriction.

UTSC Representative on the CYC Board.

To be appointed by and serve at the discretion of the UTSC President.

Work Hour Requirements

One project annually to be determined and directed by the CYC Rear Commodore.

Dues and Assessments


Use of CYC Facilities

Members of UTSC will abide by all policies stated in the CYC Year Book and those that subsequently may be adopted and communicated. The UTSC will keep the CYC Commodore and Secretary informed as to the names of those chosen to serve as Key Keepers and for what periods of time. To qualify as Key Keepers, UTSC members must have USSA Level 1 Instructor Certification and must hold a student membership in CYC. The CYC Board will contract annually with UTSC to provide up to 64 hours of sailing-instruction services to CYC; said contractual services will be recompensed at the rate of $20 per hour and will be paid as a credit against the four Key Keepers’ CYC dues obligations. Other UTSC members will participate only in Instructor-supervised activities. UTSC socials held at CYC and attended by ten or more people will be governed by the following regulations: (1) a non-student CYC member will arrange approval for the event with the Commodore or the Board ; (2) no socials will be held on Sundays or during scheduled CYC functions; (3) two weeks advance notice will be required; and (4) the non-student CYC member making the request will attend the social and be held responsible for damage and clean-up.

Joint Fleet

UTSC and CYC will make near equal investments in the boats, docks, and maintenance of the Joint Fleet and each will have access to all of the boats in the Joint Fleet. UTSC skippers will have use of the boats on a scheduled basis, must be trained or checked-out by a USSA Level 1 Certified Instructor, and must have an Instructor present at the Club during their sail. UTSC will post a verification list of its members who have met these requirements, and those skippers will be governed by the rules of the Joint Fleet as adopted by the CYC Training Fleet Committee, composition of which will include UTSC representatives. UTSC Instructors and/or members of the Training Fleet Committee will disqualify sailors who engage in unsafe operation of their boat. UTSC and CYC will share equally the costs of maintaining the Joint Fleet and rigging docks in a state of such repair as may be mutually agreeable to the senior officer of each club. To that end each club will pay into a CYC-managed Joint Fleet Fund the sum of $1,200 per annum (half in April and half in October); any unspent monies in the Fund will be carried forward to the next calendar year and will be reserved for subsequent maintenance expenses and/or the purchase of new boats. CYC property willfully damaged by participants in UTSC activities will be
repaired and/or replaced at UTSC’s expense.

Adoption and Review

Each year the CYC Commodore and UTSC President will review, revise, and renew the terms of this agreement.


The UT Sailing Club is independent of Concord Yacht Club and uses its facilities and boats as part of CYC’s commitment to community outreach.