Slips, Trailers, Moorings

Concord Yacht Club is not a commercial marina and assignments can only be made to club members. For more information on becoming a member of Concord Yacht Club, please click here.

Current CYC members may request a space using the online Reservations & Requests form.

The Club provides trailer spaces for large and small boats dry stored; dry racks for small boats such as Lasers and Sunfish; moorings (self-bailing cockpit); and year-round floating slips (self-bailing cockpit). The fee schedule is listed below.

Fee Schedule

+$100.00 Occupancy Fee (1 time fee)

Must have self-bailing cockpit.


Must provide your own mooring bridle. Must have self-bailing cockpit.


Available for the six (6) months of high water, May to October.

May to October

Small boats only, such as Laser, Sunfish, etc. These racks are only usable six months out of the year due to the lowering of Fort Loudoun Lake.

1st assignment

each additional assignment

Please note: All assignments of boat facilities are made for the Board by the Harbormaster in accordance with current Boat Storage policies. Vacant storage facilities are assigned on the basis of club member’s seniority, as well as boat size or draft.

Before any space is assigned, the owner must sign duplicate copies of “Boat and Trailer Storage Agreement” and the “Liability Insurance Agreement” and return the forms to the Harbormaster.