Each Active, Young Active, Senior and Student member is required to serve on a race committee at least once per year, as assigned by the Second Vice Commodore. Failure to fulfill this obligation will result in a fee of $50.00. Members who do not intend to perform RC Duty should inform the Second Vice Commodore as soon as possible to facilitate rescheduling.

If you have a conflict with your RC Duty assignment, you are responsible for finding another member to exchange assignments with.  To make an exchange:

  1. Look at the RC Schedule on the CYC website and pick a date(s) that will be a better fit with your schedule
  2. Contact the members assigned for duty on that date(s) and ask them if they would like to exchange dates with you.
  3. Their contact information is listed in the Membership Directory in the Members area of the website.
  4. Once there is an agreement, notify the PRO’s for each affected date and the Second Vice Commodore. Exchanges are not effective until the PRO’s and the Second Vice Commodore have been notified

A PRO may only exchange assignments with another PRO. Once an exchange is made, each member is only responsible for the new race date, including any fee for a no-show.

Mandatory RC Duty assignments do not count towards work hour credits. Additional RC Duty will be credited as work hours for actual hours served. Performance of additional RC Duty hours (credited or otherwise) does not relieve the member of the responsibility for any fees resulting from no-shows on their assigned or exchanged dates.

Click here to access RC Duty Assignments for the 2020 season.