Concord Jelly Cup Regatta – Training Day April 29th, Regatta May 6th

The Concord Jelly Cup is a team racing event organized by the Sailing Club at the University of Tennessee with the assistance of Concord Yacht Club and Concord Sailing Center. The purpose of the event is to strengthen the connections between the Sailing Club at the University of Tennessee and the members of the Concord Yacht Club, as well as to give sailors of both clubs access to and experience with team racing.

Because team racing may be new to many, we have elected to make the Concord Jelly Cup a two-weekend event. On the first weekend, April 29th, racers and race committee will be taught the fundamentals of team racing. Also on April 29th, teams will be assigned and given time to strategize for the race day. The following Saturday, May 6th, is the day of the races and the awards. Teams will participate in a round-robin style team racing event, where every team races against every other team. The overall winner of the event will be decided per the Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix D.

More information regarding schedule and specifics about the event can be found in the Notice of Race (NOR). Any questions should be sent to both Tucker Martin at, and Jeff Gamey at